Websites on Impact Factory's Web Server

Here are the links to all of the websites being run at Impact Factory

The Live Site
or the Production Server or

Currently running on Drupal. The drupal site will be moved to and used for content management only for a period of around 4-6 weeks after going live with The Oracle.

The "Kinda" Live Site
or the Staging Server

Currently, we have two internal (read-only) services running on this server:

  • Low Number Courses
  • Feefo Report

Usually, this would be a mirror version of The Live Site with the fully tested components added for final testing against live systems and data before finally pushing to live. Additonally, The process of going from testing to staging will provide the opportunity to reveal and quash any potential issues before pushing to the live site.

The Test Site
or the Test &QC Server

The environment where interface testing is performed. Nothing is happening here right now. We are preparing to push developments to this server. The test server should give you a general feel for how the website will look and operate. Parts may not work as expected but this is usually very temporary while bug fixes and minor enhancements are being made.

The Dev Site
or the Development Server

Please do come in and have a look around. Not much will work and things will definately snap. This is not because the site is crap or anything. It's just because this is where we push the boundaries. We also tend to work with the smaller components on this server. It's not meant to be a fully functioning website.